Monday, August 10, 2009

Dallas Lawsuits Question Labor Demands of Email and Cellphones

Analysts say such disputes are growing as cheaper technology puts these devices in the hands of more workers, said Weinberg Law Firm, Labor Lawyer Dallas.

"It used to be only the partner in the law firm or the executives at the companies that had access," said Brent Pelton, a partner at Pelton & Associates PC, the firm representing the T-Mobile workers.

Judge denies challenge to Los Angeles DUI breath-test results

However, the judges said they sided with testimony they heard earlier this summer from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement employee who oversees the testing and with conclusions drawn from recent rulings in similar cases.

They concluded the Intoxilyzer approved by FDLE is the same version approved by the federal government based on information that there is only one model made and sold in the United States, among other things.

Prosecutors provided testimony that the machine manufacturer uses general references to machine parts in its sales and marketing literature, said Michael Bialys, Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Porch catastrophic injury: New York says it's up to you

"If you call me today with a porch complaint, it's on the inspectors' list tomorrow," though it can take several weeks for an actual inspection to occur, he said. "We just don't have the resources to annually inspect every porch in the city. Nor do I think we want to get into that business [of over-policing owners]. As it is, the inspectors have a lot of work."

A scan of the nearly 2,500 complaints phoned in since January 2008 presents a cacophony of worried tenants and neighbors warning the city about potential injuries.

In several cases, the phoned-in warnings came too late, said John Q. Kelly, a New York catastrophic injury lawyer.

Northrop Grumman-TRW whistle-blower case settle

In an e-mail, a whistleblower lawyer Los Angeles said that because the two settlements with Northrop were of equal amounts, "no money is exchanged."

Though Century City-based Northrop was the loser in the whistle-blower case, it successfully resolved a 13-year-old dispute over a missile program that was canceled in 1995 for what the government said were cost and schedule overruns.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Huron Consulting's attractive saga quickly losing its feel-good aspect

David Greising
August 4, 2009

For a firm born with a scarlet letter -- "A" for Arthur Andersen -- on its lapel, Huron Consulting should have been the very last to get into an ethically compromised accounting fix.

Huron was formed in 2002 when 25 Andersen partners left as the once-proud accountancy collapsed in the aftermath of its scandalously inept audits of Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing and litigation lawyer Chicago.

Making the best of a disastrous turn of events, new Chief Executive Gary Holdren and his fellows turned to what they knew best: forensic accounting, executive compensation, strategic consulting and the like.

The idea was to build a mini-Andersen and to stay on top of such developments as Sarbanes-Oxley disclosure requirements and the rising use of e-mail records in litigation.

Turnpike crash victim was facing DUI trial

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Monroeville Pittsburgh woman who was DUI killed Tuesday night in a crash while driving the wrong way on the Pennsylvania Turnpike was awaiting trial in two cases in which she was charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

Andrea Baker, 36, and Aidan, her son, were trapped after her car DUI crashed head-on with two tractor-trailer trucks in Pitssburgh less than two miles from the Monroeville interchange at 9:18 p.m., police said.

State police said investigators had not determined how Ms. Baker got onto the turnpike on the wrong side of the highway.

Ms. Baker was pronounced dead at 10:48 p.m. Tuesday at Pittsburgh DUI Forbes Regional Hospital. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the leg and abdomen, the Allegheny County medical examiner said. Toxicology results were not yet available.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

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